Terms & Conditions



Scope / General
Customers' terms and conditions of purchasing and / or of payment do not apply. Only the terms and conditions herein apply even if those of the customer are not expressly contradicted. This affects all goods and / or services rendered unless written agreement has been made to the contrary.


Offer and confirmation
All offers, in particular those in our sales media, are non-binding as to pricing and shipping availability. All agreements made first become valid on written confirmation by us. We make no guarantee of the veracity or accuracy of illustrations, drawings, diagrams, technical data or electrical values given.


Delivery periods
Delivery periods given are not binding. Unforeseen hindrances such as Acts of God, industrial disputes, malfunctions of any kind in our own company or that of any supplier, transport difficulties etc, entitle us to rescind our delivery obligation either in whole or in part. The buyer' s right to claim damages or compensation in such cases is excluded.


Prices given are not binding and are given in Euro ex works excluding VAT, which will be invoiced separately. We expressly reserve the right to change the prices given in sales media at any time.


Minimum order value / Surcharges
Minimum order value excluding VAT for domestic customers is 50. - Euro. For foreign customers, the minimum order value is 100. - Euro. If an order is for less, we reserve the right to charge pro rata processing costs of 10. - Euro for fulfilling such orders or to reject same.


Packaging will be invoiced separately and is non-returnable. Containers, drums, etc. loaned to customers will be rented to them at the charge / s invoiced by their makers.


Shipment is at our discretion and no guarantee of the cheapest available method being used is given. We ship orders at the buyer's risk (sale by delivery to a place other than that of performance at the request of the purchaser).


The buyer has a right to return fault-free lift parts subject to this being exercised within twenty working days of the goods being shipped. The goods in question must be received by us within this period. If this right is exercised, we will invoice the shipping and packaging costs incurred by us and 10 Euro for processing. Electronic components (e.g. PCBs), or those whose fault-free condition cannot be ascertained without exhaustive technical testing, are excluded on principle. Return shipment is at the risk and expense of the buyer. All return shipments must be accompanied by our delivery note or invoice.


Reservation of title
Title in the goods delivered and purchased transfers to the buyer only on complete payment of the purchase price agreed. The buyer may not pledge such goods, or transfer title in them as security, until such complete payment has been rendered. The buyer must advise us immediately of attachment by third parties.


Unless otherwise agreed, payment within ten days of invoice preparation attracts a 2% discount. In all other cases, payment is due in full within 30 days of invoice issue.


Right of withdrawal
We may withdraw from the contract of sale if we have made a congruent covering transaction but the supplier does not deliver as envisaged although we are not in arrears of payment toward that supplier and are otherwise innocent of any act of commission or omission contributory to such non-delivery. We also have a right of withdrawal if the goods to be delivered are unexpectedly unobtainable on the market, i.e. no covering transaction is possible. The buyer's right to claim compensation or damages in such cases is excluded.


Obvious defects are to be advised within 10 days of delivery. Our guarantee is restricted to repair / correction or replacement. If such repair or replacement is unsuccessful then only rescission of the contract may be demanded. This does not affect out obligation to render damages / compensation, but this is excluded in cases of simple negligence unless cardinal duties have been breached. Liability under product liability law is also unaffected by this provision.



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